The Colloquy

The following description of the Colloquy is broadly the work of St Ignatius but rewritten in a contemporary way by Kevin O’Brien in the Ignatian Adventure and David Fleming in Draw me into your Friendship. The colloquy generally happens alongside a biblical story.

The Colloquy 
A colloquy is an intimate conversation between yourself and God the Father, or perhaps between yourself and Jesus, or between you and Mary or maybe even between yourself and one of the saints.

Think of it as a serious discussion, but a conversation none the less. You communicate with God as you would speak with another person sitting across from you. Say directly and honestly what is going on with you. Imagine them sitting or walking with you, and you share what is in your heart and mind. Speak and listen as God’s Spirit moves in you. This movement will sometimes feel like you are being carried as like a parent carrying a child, maybe a sense of challneging you, or nudging, or it may be an awareness in you. The key is to take notice of what is going on within you.

Let the conversation naturally develop. Express yourself:
• as a friend speaks to a friend,
• or as a person speaks to one whom he or she has offended,
• or as a child speaks to a parent or mentor,
• or as a lover speaks to his or her beloved.
Whatever the context, be “real,” speaking from the heart. As in any meaningful conversation, make sure to leave times of silence for listening.
Finally, an echo in the background of this conversation should always be what I am doing, have done, ought to do or will do for Jesus.